The Cosmic-Village

The Cosmic-Village network is a group of companies, all in strategic alliance with each other that helps provide a total Social, Mobile, Local and e-commerce solution to any business or customers that  want to obtain an end-to-end service without having to work with multiple organizations.

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To give you an example, your business wants a Social Media Presence, needs social media monitoring, wants to build a mobile app, upgrade the website, build a Facebook app and plan a webinar. Why deal with multiple different companies, when it can be managed all within the Cosmic-Village.

Our network helps you save time, increase productivity and save money (yes, the network offers discounted services!). All you need to do is visit one of our strategic partners, and they will be able to refer you to any other company within the Cosmic-Village to help complete your service requirements.

As we are a humble bunch, we don't profit of each other, and all referrals between companies within the Cosmic-Village are non commission, charge or fee based. This helps us keep the prices down, so to suit your budget.


Skype: (+61) 02 8007 5211

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