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Oct 25, 2011
Howdy Folks,

I have woken up that little bit extra early to listen, watch and review the HUGE changes made by Facebook this week at the f8 conference currently occurring now. This Changes Everything.

Here is a summary of changes coming your way:

Timeline â âThe Story of your Lifeâ

An algorithm that summarizes your content based on 2 things: How Important something was, and how old it is. This then plonks it into a chronological order of things on FaceBook that contains all your stories, all your apps, and adds a new way to express who you are. Timeline is the next step of evolution in your own profile.

More here:

New Apps = New Partners for Facebook

At f8, both Spotify and Netflix have now announced partnership with Facebook. Facebook has now changed its famous Social Graph to the Open Graph, introducing and focusing on Apps. What this means for you? Well itâs just like your iPhone. You can now gain apps, to attach to your Facebook timeline. For e.g. you could get the Spotify App and stream music, or you can get the Netflix App and stream TV - all into your Facebook Profile. This makes the Facebook profile more âstickyâ. Users will now spend more time on their profile watching online TV, Listening to Music, or Social Gaming.

The new mini-feed that has appeared in recent days in the top right corner of your Facebook page will display this information. So for e.g. If your best friend is using the Spotify app to listen to Lady Gaga, it will appear in your mini-feed (called the Ticker). You can then click on this short burst of info, gain the app and start listening to Lady Gaga yourself. All within your profile. This has profound effects if you think about it. 750 Million People on Facebook. Now able to distribute music / TV / media to each other within the massive network, at no cost. This changes everything.

Yahoo Deep Integration

Yahoo has also teamed up with Facebook to now bring you your friendâs activity to your Yahoo account, outside of Facebook! The new feature, called âFacebarâ will appear as a dashboard on the top of your Yahoo Page. People activity from Yahoo (e.g. articles read in news) will feed back to Facebook.

Material Changes

You will soon be able to add your own graphics and change your fonts on your Facebook Page. A Nice little customisation.

So there you have it folks. Some significant changes coming your way on Facebook.

So Facebook have now changed the Social Media game. Itâs no longer a Social Media world, but a Social Multi Media World. Combining Social with Media Sharing, App and News Integration and User Customisation changes everything.

It will now be interesting to see what Google+ bring out, how other Social Services like Amazon and Apple react to the Facebook App news, what Twitter will do to ensure its users keep coming back for more bit-sized info, and any future partnerships Facebook will release (rumours of LinkedIn still circulating).

Either way, Change is as good as a holiday. Will take some time to getting use to, but overall, these changes now make it more user friendly, a stronger ability to share and overall, just be social. Online.

What does everyone think? Too many significant changes in one week? Will you consider leaving Facebook?

As always, Share + Enjoy!

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