The Social Networks Babushka Effect

Oct 30, 2011
We all have some form of social networks in our lives, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr .... We canât seem to stop using them. Itâs where our friends and families are, itâs where our work colleagues are and most importantly â itâs where our customers are.

So how do we capture this rapidly growing market for our business? Easy! Build a Social Network within a Social Network â much like the Russian Babushka dolls.

I call this the Social Network Babushka Effect. Itâs not hard to do, any business can utilise the already existing infrastructure and the model is already proven to be successful.

To do so there is no need to hire a whole development team to build an entire social network around your business, rather look at using the existing social networks to create your content and utilise the free tools available. It wonât take long to develop, and your customer base is already out there awaiting you to deliver some quality content that relates directly to them. From there, they will do all the marketing for you, as these networks spread virally.

The winning factor in developing your own social network is to carefully plan it out, build it around upcoming events and always conceptualise your strategy.

Take the time to plan out what your customers are wanting now and in the future. Think about what content you would deliver through this social network, and pre-plan all your blogs, your campaigns and the goals you want to achieve. Then plan how you will measure your success, what metrics you will track and how often you will make these measurements.

Think about any upcoming events e.g. conferences, gatherings, concerts that your plan can relate to and plan out how this can relate back to your social network. This process helps you develop a strategy that allows you to stay on top of the rapidly changing environment and drive your message clearly from start to end.

Then comes the easy part. Build this into your Social Media Strategy and Marketing Plan and go for it! Have your Social Media employees build the campaign (using tools such as Facebook Connect) and send it out to your client base, tweet about it, make reference to it on your blog and website, tell your family and friends about it and before you know it, it will grow organically.

Whilst this isnât a new concept, there have been a few examples of how this has worked very well for many businesses.

Intel recently launched the âMuseum of Meâ application, which basically sources the data straight from your Facebook. Intel didnât develop the infrastructure to use they simply collated the existing data and built a social network that applies within Facebook to give users exactly what they want â a beautifully categorised art exhibition (including soundtrack!) to share with friends and family.

Today, Lady Gaga launched her Social Network within a Social Network campaign to allow her âlittle monstersâ the chance to win tickets to her exclusive and intimate Sydney concert on July 13. This Babushka Social Network already utilises all the features of Facebook: likes, photo sharing, tagging, viral marketing and the content is created by the users themselves â uploading photos of themselves to win tickets to her concert. The key to Gagaâs success of this social network within a social network is that it is well planned out (Strategy to promote her new album âBorn This Wayâ), itâs all about the content driver (users) and it links to her upcoming events (Sydney Exclusive Concert).

The benefits of the Social Networks Babushka Effect is that it is very cheap to develop for all businesses, it taps into an existing massive market where your consumers are currently spending their time, and it provides them with content that they can share with people whom have common interests.

All whilst your business, brand and social media portfolio gain lots of exposure, digital equity and increased online trust and reach.

So businesses should start to think about what they can do for their upcoming campaigns, and how to factor in a social network within the social networks that can help drive their messages to their target markets through social media.

This can help boost social media consumer bases, help provide valuable direct customer feedback and help spread the word virally for your business brand / image / message.

By building a Babushka Social Network, you are increasing your presence in Social Media and thereby enhancing your reach, trust, influence and engagement with your consumers. There really isnât much more importance in Social Media marketing these days, then to grab a share of the market under that is awaiting you to deliver the goods!

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