Social Good is all about being transparent with our stakeholders. And we want our
stakeholders to know that we are passionate, driven and enduring about a particular cause.

Let’s start with letting you all know that we are not a Social Enterprise. We do exist for the purpose of making a profit, as we are a business. But that does not mean we care any less about our causes.

In Fact, we care so much about it, that we started a foundation for it!

We like to consider ourselves a Social Business and offer our services of Social Good to the world.

We have noticed that there has been an alarmingly tragic rise in Teen Youth Suicide due to online bullying and teenage depression. This seems to be much higher in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LGBTI) community, especially due to online bullying.

Cyber Bullying is a huge problem in Society. It can lead to teenage depression, mental issues, emotional instability, self-harm and teenage suicide.

Cyber bullying can occur on Facebook, Cyber Bullying can occur in Blogs and chat rooms. Cyber Bullying can occur with mobile technology. thinks it’s time we put an end to this, introduce some Social Entrepreneurship, throw in a bit of Social Innovation, and get as many people as possible to help us with some Social Good!

The Youth Suicide statistics in Australia are too high. Youth Suicide around the world is at unacceptable levels.

Join us in providing Bullying help and learn how to stop bullying. Help us change the world.