Social Media Management understands that your business might not have the time, equipment, software and human capital required to dedicatedly manage your Social Media Platforms.

The Social Media landscape changes so rapidly that it's hard for even the hard core participants (like us!) to stay ahead of ALL changes. But that is exactly what we love to
do - so you don't have too! keeps up with all the latest developments for you. We will man your Social Media Platforms. We will be there when anyone, anywhere in the world says something about your brand, your business or your people. And, we'll manage it in real-time for you.

As a representative of your business in Social Media, shares a personal promise with you - that it is in our best interest to keep the best interest of your business at a professional, strong and engaging standard across all of the Social Media landscape. will take away the stress of keeping up with your online competition so that you can focus on growing your business, whilst we focus on managing your online relationships and reputation.

Our Social Media Management services are provided in packages which suit your business budget and requirements best. Click on the below links to find out more.

Basic Plan - $15 per day
Small Business Plan - $25 per day
Medium Business Plan - $40 per day
Large Business Plan - $50 per day

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